Gone are the days where industrial footwear is “one size fits all” and therefore deeply uncomfortable. UNIK’s products are available in the regular (3E) or wider option (5E), ensuring your foot is properly fitted from very small sizes to the largest (sizes 4 to 16 in some models). Safety and hard work should not mean that your comfort should be compromised, ever.


At UNIK we understand that people who wear our boots have physically demanding jobs where anything must be done to preserve your energy. Our goal is simple, thanks to our lightweight material and innovations in technology, we want you to forget you’re wearing an industrial boot.


Hard work, especially when done day after day for long periods of time is straining. UNIK has a solution to ensure workers who use our products put their health as a priority. Our unique Anti-torsion support system or ATSS has proven health benefits and prevents:

- Ankle torsion injuries

- Back aches

- Knee aches

- Plantar fasciitis (an inflammation of the foot)


How many pairs of boots do you think you’ve purchased in your career? “Too many” is often the answer we get. Hard workers’ footwear needs to be in top conditions at all times, UNIK products are designed with longevity in mind, using the best possible fabrics, and last up to 2x longer than traditional work boots, ensuring you ALWAYS get your money’s worth. Our Tecno Fiber fabric, 50x more resistant to abrasion than traditional boots is a fantastic example.

UNIK’s Canadian based manufacturing process uses a patented “U-Shape mold” called U-FIT that is designed to flawlessly mimic the shape of the back of the foot, which makes a world of difference, especially when working long hours!


THE most important feature of any industrial footwear, UNIK features the most advanced technologies available today, that means you can be certain that no matter what happens, you get to walk home to your family, every night